The adorable KeyWe comes to Xbox, Switch and PC

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Admit it, there’s something utterly adorable about the stars of KeyWe – Jeff and Debra. And it’s probably that adorable nature which is able to sell a purchase and download of the chaotic cooperative puzzle to Xbox, Switch and PC players without too must fuss nor bother. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, KeyWe from Sold Out and Stonewheat & Sons is a puzzler like no other; one in which you’ll take charge of two little Kiwi’s – Jeff and Debra – as they attempt to help out at Bungalow Basin’s Telepost Office. 

The tasks at hand for these two delights will see them needing to work together, jumping, flapping and pecking a multitude of levers, buttons and bells all in order to ensure that the mail of Bungalow Basin is delivered on time. 

The problem is, Kiwi’s have no hands, and this makes postal tasks all the more tricky. But with a bit of strategy and tactical nous in place, you and a cooperative friend should just about be able to make things work. 

KeyWe promises to deliver the most chaotic of times, one in which the mailroom madness could fast become overwhelming. Thankfully though Jeff, Debra and the folk behind KeyWe will make sure that anyone willing to join the postal perils will find a fun, humorous time throughout – one that will bring about a ton of silliness and a host of weird and wonderful customisation. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become the ultimate post master, the key features you’ll need to concern yourself with are as follows:

  • Mailroom mayhem – Take on the role of a postal-working kiwi bird and partner up with a friend to type out telegrams, send urgent messages, ship packages and keep the mail flowing.
  • Cute, chaotic co-op – Buddy up on the couch or flock online in chaotic co-op.
  • Adorable single-player – Control both kiwi birds on a single controller to venture out on a solo mail service adventure.
  • Perilous postal environments – Navigate mailroom desks and shipping rooms to become a master of the mail service.
  • Seasonal silliness – Encounter hazards caused by wintery weather, autumnal thunderstorms and more on the way to becoming postal pros.
  • Customizable kiwis – Change the color of your kiwi’s feathers and unlock new accessories – becausekiwi birds look cute in little hats!

The Xbox Store awaits your cash. You’ll find it available for £19.99 whilst an additional Early Bird Pack for £3.99 will bring additional customisations and abilities. The Nintendo eShop and Steam page should help you out too. Let us know which format you decide to pick it up from. 

And stay tuned for a full review of KeyWe on Xbox too. We’ll be sure to drop one as soon as we can. 

Game Description:

Welcome to KeyWe, the cute and chaotic co-op postal puzzle game where the mail must flow, and it’s up to you to keep things running! Play as Jeff and Debra, two small kiwi birds and the newest hires at the Bungalow Basin Telepost Office. With no hands to help them, the two must work together to jump, flap, peck and butt-slam their way across an interactive landscape of levers, buttons and bells to get the mail delivered on time. From the Dropoff Depot and the Shipping Floor, all the way to the Telegraph Desk and the Cassowary Coop out back, the Telepost is a well-oiled mail-processing machine…well, usually.

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