Sonic Origins to feature newly adapted soundtrack for Sonic 3 & Knuckles


Sonic Origins is revving up and looking like a faithful celebration of the blue blur’s earliest days. Things like touched up Sonic CD animations and menu easter eggs show that reverence for the 16-bit classics, but not everything will be exactly as remembered.

During a recent livestream, and shared by Tails Channel, Sonic Social Media Manager Katie Chrzanowski noted that in the case of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, not all of the previously used music will be returning. Instead, Jun Senoue has been adapting the music originally composed for the paired duology, previously utilized in a PC port of S3&K.

The soundtrack situation for these two Genesis games has been documented and detailed by plenty over the years, famously featuring involvement from Michael Jackson. The revelation that the PC tracks were technically the originals is a relatively new one, however, and this adaptation points to Origins being an even more unique package than fans may’ve previously imagined.

While there could be some grumbling over these omissions (which are not fully known at this time), particularly because these combined soundtracks are some of the finest in the series, there’s something fascinating about these songs getting a second chance. If anything, they’re even more fitting for a package called Sonic Origins,

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