Skyward Sword HD hoodie, shirts, mug, and pillows now at Nintendo NY, coming soon to online store


Nintendo isn’t done celebrating the launch of Skyward Sword HD just yet, and Legend of Zelda fans in New York may want to schedule a day trip after the company’s latest merchandise reveal.

A new Skyward Sword collection, with each item sold separately, is now available at the Nintendo NY store. It includes a hoodie, two t-shirts, a mug, and two pillows. Each item is adorned with logos, artwork, and iconography based on the game, with the beautiful blue hoodie being a particular highlight.



According to Nintendo NY’s official Facebook page, the set will also be “available soon” on the online Nintendo Store. It is not yet confirmed if it will be restricted to the US store.

If you have yet to take flight in the remastered land of Skyloft, be sure to check out our glowing review of Skyward Sword HD, which Daniel describes as “a fantastic journey with beautiful and varied locations, puzzling dungeons, memorable characters, and one of the best stories in the Zelda series.”


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