Power Stone soundtrack vinyl and cassette unearthed, going on sale today


A legendary treasure from Capcom’s history is about to get a little attention today thanks to Ship to Shore PhonoCo.! None other than Power Stone, the Dreamcast arena fighter full of personality and transformations, is getting the vinyl soundtrack and cassette treatment. While its arrival was previously announced, all we had to chart our course was a vague “2021”. Well, wonder no longer:

Later today fans will be able to fly with Edward Falcon and the rest of the game’s cast, with orders opening up at 2 p.m. EST. The last Capcom release from Ship to Shore was Viewtiful Joe, with both vinyl colors of the henshin hero’s soundtrack selling out. If you’re interested in adding this gem to your collection, better to get those orders in as soon as possible.

And hey, Capcom? Could we maybe get another Power Stone? A re-release? …Appearance in a crossover? …Anything?

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