Poker Club gets new reduced price; adds monthly themed tournaments with exclusive prizes


It’s been a while since we heard anything from the Poker Club, but today we discover that Ripstone Games still have big plans for the poker community, with new monthly themed tournaments in which players can win exclusive prizes, further accessories and additional trophies promised.

Having released at the back end of 2020 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, Poker Club was initially short of features – our full review is here should you wish to know more about that – but after a little update earlier this year, now comes the big all-in push by Ripstone, with all new features and ideas coming in hot.

Every month you’ll get to join the community for a chance to earn big pay-outs and immortalisation in the Poker Club Hall of Fame with the latest update for Poker Club. A new theme will be rolled out each month, which will include exclusive limited time accessories for competitors and awesome prizes for the winner.

And to sweeten the deal, Poker Club is also receiving a permanent price reduction to £15.49 on PC and Xbox platforms today, with the same reduction coming to PlayStation platforms on September 30th. There will never be a better time for friends to gather around the table and catch up over a game.

So what’s hitting the table? Well, the first tournament, the swashbuckling pirate themed Blackjack’s Treasure Hoard, is live on PC and Xbox platforms from today (PlayStation come September 30th), and anyone taking part in the qualifier will earn the Pirate Hat, while those that manage to make it to the final will earn Blackjack’s Treasure Chest as a table accessory. And yep, an exclusive trophy will be awarded to the winner!

October’s tournament will then be Halloween themed, with all sorts of spooky surprises in store for players. The Manor House level will be re-decorated into a haunted mansion, with eerie atmospheric effects, creepy decorations and a fresh Halloween baize on all the playing tables. Join the tournament to earn a Skeleton Tee, with finalists getting the Skull table accessory, and the winner getting an exclusive trophy.

More tournaments are planned for every month and this should help ensure that Poker Club stays fresh going forward.

“We want Poker Club to be an evergreen title that is supported over the whole of this generation, that offers players something new every time they jump in,” said Phil Gaskell of Ripstone Games. “The Tournaments update for Poker Club represents a major milestone for the team in making that dream a reality. Every month players can expect a fresh tournament with a fun theme that offers up new and exclusive content, in addition to the chance to win big in the high stakes finals!”

If you haven’t yet dipped into the most social of poker offerings via the Poker Club, head to your favoured digital store and grab a download. That new low price should make it all the more tempting.

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