More soft, fluffy Pokémon plushies coming to Pokémon Center Online


The weather is shifting into the cooler months of the year, which means it’s time to break out warm, soft, and fluffy things to keep you warm. What better, then, is a new stuffed plush featuring a cuddly Pokémon? If you’re looking for a new friend, Pokémon Center Japan has you covered with its latest release of soft plushes.

Swablu, Bidoof, Zorua, and Cinccino are the four Pokémon getting the premium plush treatment. Of course, we’re sure some people will appreciate this new Bidoof plush to go along with their new Special Delivery Bidoof Pokémon card and post-celebration of Bidoof Day.

These four Poké plushes will be available online this Saturday, September 18th (which, for anyone in the US, will be Friday afternoon).

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