Light the way with Imp of the Sun, an action-platformer based on ancient Andean cultures


It’s the first day of spring, and I’m always hoping for the dark, rainy moodiness of winter to dissipate so I can see the bright, warm light of day for just a little bit. (I live in Seattle.) Fortunately, while it still drizzles outside, there are other ways to light up our lives — as showcased brilliantly in Imp of the Sun, a new 2D action-platformer from Fireshine Games based on the ancient cultures of Peru.



After the Four Keepers steal the sun’s power and hide amongst the corners of its empire, the sun uses the last of its strength to create an imp that will get the power back. As the imp, you’ll gain abilities, explore a rich world inspired by multiple Andean cultures, and collect quipus — recording devices made of string and real relics of old Peruvian cultures. The game features hand-drawn animation, high replayability, combo-based combat, the ability to tackle the bosses in any order, and a special Eclipse Mode where areas are dark until you explore them. It all looks absolutely wonderful.

You can check out the page on Fireshine Games for more details — for now, we know the game is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch based on the trailer. We’ll share any new info on the game as it becomes known. 





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