Light Fairytale Episode 1 bringing its PS1-styled RPG action to Switch on April 28


While a lot of JRPG fans are nostalgic for the 16-bit generation, and for good reason, there are just as many who look fondly back on the PlayStation era of adventures.

A few indie games have tried to capture the essense of those days since, but Light Fairytale goes all the way with its homage, with its chibi characters and rusty cyberpunk world bringing to mind Final Fantasy VII more than anything. Switch owners will soon finally be able to experience the first episode of the journey, too, as a Switch port has been confirmed.

Light Fairytale Episode 1 will release via the Switch’s eShop on April 28th and a pre-order price of $8.99 is currently in effect, before a shift to $9.99 post-launch. You can get more details from developer official website.

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