Kirby Shopping Bag available as My Nintendo reward


Being environmentally conscious with Kirby? The pink puffball is just a gift that keeps on giving: as is the case with this Kirby and the Forgotten Land Shopping Bag now available through My Nintendo, reversible, compact, and decorated with his impossibly adorable puffed-up face. I love it. I love him. He’s perfect.



You can purchase the bag for the price of 600 Platinum Points, which seems steep but is honestly a pretty low price for the physical manifestation of human happiness. You’ll have to pay shipping and handling too, of course. But it’s not just any old shopping bag. It’s a Kirby shopping bag. Rotund. Smooth. Delicate. I want to tuck it into bed and give it a little kiss as I wish it goodnight. I’m now going to spend the next hour of my life desperately scrounging up points to acquire it. Poyo.


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