Grow the most delightful flower garden in Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers on Xbox

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There’s nothing new about the TriPeaks variation of Solitaire, but with the arrival of Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, there’s always a reason to play your cards right. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now, Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers is the latest of the cheap and cheerful little indie titles to flood the Xbox Store. But this one certainly looks to be an appealing affair as we get the chance to play our cards, gain stars, earn cash and, ultimately, grow a glorious garden full of flowers. 

Priced at £3.29, Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers is never going to break any bank or wallet, but it should ensure that the purchasers of such a game find themselves with a delightful little take on the standard Solitaire TriPeaks formula. 

It’ll have you playing through things as normal, turning cards, climbing peaks and proving yourself as a deck destroyer, but depending on the success you have, you’ll be well rewarded with stars. Those are accompanied by in-game cash, which in turn can be used to purchase and grow a host of flowers, from roses and lilys, to poppies, gerberas and more. It looks like selling those flowers then unlocks further levels, letting you rinse and repeat your greenfingered needs forevermore. 

We’ll find out how it all goes in our full review of Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers on Xbox Series X|S soon but the promises of 4K visuals and some 60 and 120fps work make this an intriguing prospect. 

If you wish to play down some cards and reckon this is the Solitaire option for you – although we reckon you should at least consider the previously released Solitaire 3D and Spider Solitaire F too – then you’ll find a download of Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers available from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Experience hundreds of levels filled with engaging gameplay. The TriPeaks variation of the classic Solitaire game brings light and fun challenges mixed with taking care of your own beautiful flower gardens!

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