Frankenstein and Dracula inspired tale of Frank and Drake announced for Spring 2022


Occasionally, just occasionally, we get treated to something a little special in and amongst the madness. That could well be the case here and now with the reveal of a brand new Dracula and Frankenstein inspired tale – Frank and Drake. 

Coming to PC and console (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) in the spring of 2022, Frank and Drake is a fresh take on the age-old tales of Frankenstein and Dracula. It’s been put together by those at Appnormals Team and publisher Chorus Worldwide (Coffee Talk), as they promise to deliver an intertwining, dual narrative, audiovisual adventure. It tells the tale of Frank and Drake, two housemates who never meet, but whose lives are intrinsically linked.

This will see players alternate between two unknowingly supernatural housemates, following Frank, a machine-savvy, sickly man in the daylight hours, and Drake, a mysterious newcomer to the city at night. The two will never cross paths, will never speak face-to-face, but you can be sure that they will develop a relationship through the notes they leave for each other around their home. 

Sold on the premise of being a branching dual narrative game, Frank and Drake will be rich with choice, with each having lasting consequences on both protagonists. These choices will lead players to discover multiple endings that will reflect the journey taken. Breathing life into this unique tale is the beautiful rotoscoped visual style, where animations are painted frame-by-frame over live-action performances, giving Frank and Drake an otherworldly aesthetic that perfectly compliments the game’s surreal tone.

Want some key features?

  • Stunning rotoscoped visuals
  • A universe inspired by the classic Frankenstein and Dracula novels, and entrenched in lore, backstory, and narrative depth
  • Explore, discover, and unravel multiple mysteries spanning several decades and generations
  • The titular protagonists are not alone. Meet many fascinating neighbours, acquaintances, and friends who will play a crucial role in the game’s mysteries.
  • Story-altering puzzles, mini-games, and interactions that progress each character’s adventure
  • An intertwining dual narrative, tough choices to make, and multiple endings to discover

We’ll be sure to bring you further details surrounding Frank and Drake in the weeks and months ahead. However, if you are planning to attend EGX 2021 in London in October, you’ll be able to check out the demo for the game. And if you’re not? Well, it’s kicking around on Steam right this minute.

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