Cozy Grove’s Autumn Update now available, adds new features and seasonal items


Spirit Scouts, there’s a new seasonal update for Cozy Grove! Sure, living on a deeply haunted island is already a little spooky (the good “spoopy” kind), but now you can dress and decorate for the fall season with the new Autumn Update! Plus, there are some new features that will make camping life even easier.


Today’s autumn update includes:

  • New photography quest to capture candid moments on the island
  • The ability to go inside your tent and decorate the interior
  • Adoptable house pets! Lure a cat to your tent to be your best friend
  • Spirit bunnies to add to your collection of spirit animals
  • An accordion that allows you to harvest all nearby plants at once when you play it
  • Two new background songs added to the soundtrack
  • A secret Halloween-themed event
  • Other various improvements, polish, and new content


For Spirit Scouts that already have a copy of Cozy Grove on Nintendo Switch, make sure you update the game to Version 3.0. As for campers who have yet to visit Cozy Grove, you can get the game on sale for $11.99 (normally $14.99) on the Nintendo eShop today.


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